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Thank you for participating in the interactive community. Our community shares in the belief that many minds and networks are essential to overcome the challenges presented to our overall well-being and our global economy by COVID-19. If we address this challenge together we will come out stronger than before. 

As global leaders, we come together with a shared set of values, outlined in our community guidelines. These values guide our “rapid response” and our commitment to support one another and the world in finding solutions to end this pandemic, level our economy and help reset it for a new path forward to create new opportunities, job creation and growth as we move through and past this time in our history. 

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As a COVIDxNOW Solutions Team member, you will receive:

  • Invitations to weekly leadership calls where we share solutions and expertise
  • Access to COVIDxNOW community experts
  • General updates on the activities of the network, including solutions and expressed needs as well as states of affair on the  evolution of the global situation from our experts
  • Opportunities for further discussion, brainstorming, inspiration.
  • Like-minded leaders for support
  • Opportunity to create collective initiatives to overcome COVID-19 and build a new future

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